Quick start on running Fourtytwo

First thing first, you need a Windows Azure account. You can get a 90 day free trial account from http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/. This gives you 750 CPU hours/month, enough to do some real work.

Deployment Options

  1. With Visual Studio: please download the C# source code (to be released soon) and build the package.
  2. With PowerShell or Windows Azure Portal: please download the package files online now.
    Please follow How To for detailed instructions.
  3. Or you can provide some essential information of your Azure trial account on this website to create a new deployment (coming soon).

Operating Options

  1. Geek model: control Fourtytwo by firing T-SQL to SQL Azure Database.
  2. Or control Fourtytwo by a web interface that is part of your deployment (coming soon).


  1. Windows Azure Portal is very powerful, you should get yourself familiar with it.
  2. Azure Storage Explorer a free tool on CodePlex, please download the v5 Preview 1. Since Fourtytwo is 'File based', uploading and downloading from Azure Storage are the main activities on your side and this tool is good enough (not perfect but easy to getting on). If you prefer non-free tool: http://www.cerebrata.com/Products/
  3. Geeks please use PowerShell for everything. (And AzCopy)
  4. This is extra, use Expresso 3.0 http://www.ultrapico.com/Expresso.htm to debug/test your File Type Regular Expression, very nice tool.

Advanced Topics

  1. Fourtytwo can handle 'pipe' to chain your commands and programs.
  2. Fourtytwo can run MATLAB, R, JAVA, Python, even Linux code (like what we did with http://bow.codeplex.com/) with a bit setup.